Transfer photos from your camera to your iPhone or iPad without having to use a laptop or a computer. Want to share the photos you’re taking before you get back to your studio or home? PhotoXchange is the answer!

Upon opening PhotoXchange for the first time, you will be asked to create a user account. This is a requirement to using PhotoXchange as your account will be used to backup photos to the PhotoXchange, you get 250mb for free, and use the pXc site to share your photos. You’ll need to enter your name, an email address, and password to create your account and once you’ve done this you’re on your way to transferring and sharing photos like never before.

On the main screen of PhotoXchange you’ll be able to access your photo library, import photos via wi-fi or the camera connection kit, access and edit your profile, and view settings such as IP addresses and FTP settings.

From the Library you’ll see all of the albums that are on your device, PhotoXchange pulls in the albums created in the Photos app. Selecting an album will show you all of the contents of that album and allow you to pick photos to preview before uploading and/or sharing. Once you’ve picked all of the photos that you’d like to preview tap on Show in the top right corner of your device and you will be brought to the Image Details page. At the Image details page, you can swipe through all of the photos you selected and if you’re happy with them you can then tap the Share button in the top right corner to proceed. In the share dialog, you can share your photos with Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Google+, Pinterest, Email, and your pXc Webpage. Choosing to share with the pXc Webpage will allow you to select up to 10 photos at a time to upload to a folder on your pXc FTP account. You’ll then be able to access them from the pXc website by signing in with your username.

The Import Page in PhotoXchange will allow you to connect to your Wi-Fi enable the camera, Eye-Fi card, Camera Connection Kit, an IP address, or any bonjour enabled camera. You’ll be able to import photos directly into PhotoXchange by using a web browser on your PC/Mac and then move them into your desired folders. The IP address for your device can be found in the Settings on the main screen of PhotoXchange. If you are using a Wi-Fi Camera, Eye-Fi card, bonjour enabled camera or the Camera Connection kit, your iPad will import photos into the Photos app and then from the Library page in PhotoXchange you’ll be able to access your newly imported photos.

The Settings of PhotoXchange will give you access to your device’s IP address, your pXc FTP domain, FTP username, FTP password, as well as the Home Path, FTP Root Directory, and the App Version. All of the IP and FTP access will need to be done in an FTP specific app on your iPad or a web browser from your PC. In these directories, you can access any of the photos that you’ve uploaded to your pXc account and then share them from the web. The IP address will allow you to import photos from your PC/Mac directly into the PhotoXchange app itself.

PhotoXchange is a valuable tool for any level of photographer, download PhotoXchange for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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