Take a photo, type a message, add an audio message, apply a filter, and share it with the world using photovoicemessaging!

From the My Feed section, you will be able to sell all of the posts that the users you are following have shared. They will be nice thumbnails of the photo, the users profile image, text, audio and location of the photo. Tapping on the play button will play the audio message that is associated with the image, giving the photo some emotion. Tapping on a post will highlight it with a green check mark allowing you to share it with your favorite social networks!

Posting your own photo is simple and easy to do. Tap on the green camera button on the bottom middle of the My Feed screen. You will be asked if you’d like to import a photo from your Photo Library or Take a Photo, choosing to take a photo will open the camera allowing you to take a photo to use and choosing photo library will allow you to import an image already on your device. Once you have the image that you’d like to use you’ll be able to add a filter, text title, and an audio message. When you’re happy with the result it’s time to share it with photovoicemessaging! Tap Next in the top right corner of the image editor and you’ll get to see the final result. From here tapping on the share button next to the title will allow you to share with your favorite networks and tapping on Close in the top right corner will close the screen and post it to you photovoicemessaging feed.

After your photo is posted you will be brought back to the My Feed screen. From here if you tap on the menu button in the bottom left corner, the menu will slide out, and you can navigate the rest of photovoicemessaging. There is an Activity page where you can see all of the photos that you’ve shared with your friends. The Settings will allow you to edit your profile, change your password, and views tips & tricks. There’s also an option to Take a Picture which will take you through the process of posting a photo! Everything is just a tap away with photovoicemessaging.

Simply take a photo to your liking, proceed to add effects, add audio, type a message, see your feeds– that’s the simplicity of photovoicemessaging!
Available for the iPhone in the App Store!

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