Phonesaber is a fun app that mimics the lightsaber from Starwars the movie. It’s a blast if you have another friend with an iPhone, you can battle. Be careful not to actually make contact with each others phones. That would put a quick end to a fun time. The app gives you several colors to chose from to match your fav. character from the movie.

Written by Brian Davis:
Phonesaber is a great app for all the stars wars junkies out there. I am a big fan of star wars myself so to be able at anytime break out my phonesaber and do battle is a blast. You can choose between yellow, pink, red, green or blue laser beams. The greatest part of this app is the fact that if you hold or phone still or move it just slightly it sounds as if you are just holding a light saber. Very well put together app. The sounds are dead on to the movies I would recommend everyone pick up this app.