No ads, no clutter, and privacy protection: This is Peace of Mind. Reduce stress and make browsing the web a relaxed experience on your iPhone or iPad.

Before you can enjoy a clutter-free web browsing experience on your iPhone and/or iPad you must first setup and customize Peace of Mind with your desired blocking settings. All of the Settings will be found in the Peace of Mind app while actually enabling Peace of Mind will be done in the Settings App of your iOS device.

Peace of Mind will allow you to block Ads, Media, and Privacy Tracers from websites by using the Safari web browser on your device. By enabling Ad Blocker, you will effectively prevent ads from being loaded on websites. The Media Blocker will prevent media data (images, menus, etc.) from loading, basically just showing you a text version of the site. The Privacy Blocker will block the site from being able to track your content.

The Ad, Media, and Privacy blockers can be toggled individually but will all fall under the Soft, Medium, and Hard rules. These set of rules will be how strict you want the Ads, Media, and Privacy blockers to be run. Peace of Mind also allows you to whitelist a website if you don’t want or need the blockers to be run on that site.

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