Panic Pump is an innovative 3D puzzle game that will take you to a crazy world in which you need to use logic and intelligence. Your aim is to free some creatures, the Bumbi, who have been trapped by their wicked brother inside some impenetrable boxes controlled by a sophisticated hydraulic system; the tremendous hydro block.

To destroy a hydro block, you must destroy all of the rotors that are keeping your brother Bumbi trapped. In order to do this you must collect four of the same colored spheres in the rotor, once this is done the rotor will be destroyed and you’ll be one step closer to freeing your brother. Once a colored sphere has been captured you’ll need to rotate the rotor and either release the sphere to another rotor or keep it and fill all four slots. Keep in mind, to destroy a rotor all four spheres collected need to be the same color.

To make your Bumbi unique to you make sure and dress him up in a special, one-of-a-kind outfit! Hop into the Edit Bumbi section and you’ll be able to dress him up with shirts, pants, shoes, hats, glasses, bowties, masks and more. What’s really neat is that most clothing items give you the option of changing the primary color and the accent color, your Bumbi is sure to stand out with your custom outfits!

If you want to take Panic Pump to the next level and begin building your own 3D Puzzles be sure and visit the Editor section. Here you will be able to trap on of your brother Bumbi and create an elaborate 3D puzzle that you can have your friends try and solve to free the trapped Bumbi! You can submit your creations to the community and have everyone around the world try and solve your amazing work!

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