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State of Tech focuses on mobile technology from the devices we carry in our pocket to the technology we use to get around town. From smartphones to rideable technology, State of Tech brings you news, reviews, tutorials, and comparison videos to help you not only make the best purchasing decision but help you learn to make the most out of your technology as well.


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  • Top iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases Amazon
Smartphones & Apps
  • Newton Mail Returns! App Review

The Best Mail Client Newton Mail Returns!

February 28th, 2019|Computers, Smartphones, Tablets|

Arguably the best email app for all platforms returns. Newton Mail is back and I can't be happier. Newton Mail brings the best email functionality and pairs it with productivity. https://youtu.be/OANVCuHD818 Price: Free to try for 14-days, then $49.99/yr. Check

Tablets & Apps
  • Apple Watch Series 3 vs Series 5
  • Top 5 Slim iPhone X Cases
Product Reviews
  • Connect Any Hard Drive to an iPad Pro 2018

Connect Any Hard Drive to an iPad Pro

November 10th, 2018|Tablets, Tech Support|

Want to connect any hard drive to your iPad? Forget paying big $$ on an iPad, get the lower storage model and connect any hard drive to expand your storage. Here's how! https://youtu.be/y6BH_-m5-ZQ Ravpower Filehub v2: https://jer.fyi/ravpowerfilehubv2 Ravpower Filehub v1:

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See All Comparison Videos
  • Apple Watch Series 3 vs Series 5

Apple Watch Series 3 vs Series 5 – Which One to Buy

Today, we're going to compare the Apple Watch Series 3 with the new Apple Watch Series 5. There are two different Apple Watches that are currently available and there's a gap in the middle with the Apple Watch 4, which

Top 5 Slim iPhone X Cases

The iPhone X is a well-designed phone that feels great in the hand. It also sports full front and back

Ticwatch S vs Apple Watch 3

Looking for a budget friendly alternative to an Apple Watch? With Wear OS by Google the "Android" smartwatch platform is

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