Operator is easy to understand. Once the game starts, you and your opponent are presented with a 7×7 grid. Various numbers are deployed throughout the grid, but certain spaces are blank. It’s up to you and your opponent to decide which mathematical operator — plus, minus, multiply or divide — to put in these blank spaces.

Sound easy? Well, there’s an ingenious twist that you’ll love: you need to choose operators that maximize your score (based on the sum total of rows left to right, or columns top to bottom). But at the SAME TIME, you have to minimize your opponent’s score.

That means you have to think strategically and tactically, or else what is good for you might be even better for your opponent – and you’ll fall behind!

Collect Coins
You’ll earn coins based on your success. Dare to risk them, but be cautious. If you aren’t careful, then you’ll end up losing more than you can afford and you’ll fall behind!

Chat & IM
Along the way, you can launch a chat or send instant messages to send compliments to your opponent – or if you wish, celebrate your triumphs. This social aspect makes the gameplay more engaging and enjoyable.

Great for Learning & Loving Math
If you’re a parent, teacher or other educators, Operator is perfect for making math fun, interesting and something to enjoy instead of something to fear or avoid.

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