Monkey around while we hold your tablet. The MonkeyTail is an all-purpose positioning system that works in impossible places. Watch movies with your screen floating in front of you. Check emails with your tablet hovering next to your hand. This flexible holder adjusts to different heights, angles, and shapes. Ideal for use in bed, on the couch, in the car, at the gym, or in the jungle.

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  • Flexible: easy to bend and adjust
  • Durable: reinforced to maintain strength after repeated bending
  • Adjustable: swivel-base rotates 360° for easy screen adjustment
  • Comfortable: wrapped in soft, grippy silicon
  • Compatible: connects to Octa's Vacuum Dock to work on iPad, tablet, and e-reader
  • Case-Friendly: works on smooth, nonporous cases
  • Interchangeable: modular design compatible with the TabletTail: WhaleTail and other future TabletTail™ accessories