Written by Brian Davis:
Myspace did a great job with this app. They have taken the heart and soul of myspace and made it quick and convenient. From the home screen you can control all the aspects of your profile with just a few taps. This app works best on wifi or 3G but have found that even on Edge it is still pretty fast. At the home screen you have quite a few choices. You have My Profile, Friend Status and Moods, Friends Update, Comments, Bulletins, Search People and Settings. It’s great to see how well planned out and set up this app is. The best part of the app is the ability to upload photos to your profile via the camera or camera roll. I use this app daily so much so I haven’t used my PC to access my profile sine i started using the Myspace app. Every part of this app has ran solid for me except for the bulletins. Sometimes when I try to view a bulletin a completely different bulletin loaded from someone thats no even on my friends list. Other than that little glitch this is a very solid app from Myspace.