MyRouteOnline now brings you the opportunity to use your favorite navigation app, with multi-destination capabilities. Whether you run a delivery company, a trucking business, maintenance or any kind of service that requires multi-stop route planning, you can count on MyRoute to navigate your route, saving time, fuel and money.

Opening MyRouteOnline will give you three options; Enter Stops Manually, Open from an Email, and Reload a Saved Route. No matter what option you choose, you’ll be able to begin your route quickly and effortlessly.

When choosing to Enter Stops Manually, MyRouteOnline will display a search field and a map that will allow you to find a destination that you are looking for. Once you’ve found the location you were looking for, give it a name so you can easily remember where you are going and then tap on Save and this location will be saved to your current route. From there you can choose to Add more stops to your trip or search for stops that you’ve added. When you’re ready, head back out to MyRoute and tap Navigate and MyRouteOnline will open your chosen navigation app, and your route will begin!

Opening a Route from an Email is super easy and convenient with MyRouteOnline. If you’ve had someone that’s going with you on a trip plan all of the stops but you want to use your device for navigation instead of theirs have them email the route to you! From the email, you’ll see a link that says “Open with MyRoute App” and tapping on this will load the trip into MyRouteOnline. Once the trip has been fully loaded, tap on Navigate and MyRouteOnline will open your chosen navigation app and your route will begin!

Reloading a Saved Route can save your time and headaches if you’re going on a trip you’ve already done. To load saved routes you’ll need to have an account with MyRouteOnline, which you can do from the Reload a Saved Route screen. This will allow you to save and sync your tips to your account so you can access them on all of your devices. Once you’ve got the saved tip loaded, tap on the Navigate button and you’re good to go!

Use MyRouteOnline to navigate your route with only a moments notice!

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