A digital photo frame can now sit on your desktop to always keep you close to your friends, family and memories. MyPhotoFrame for your Mac is easy to use and free floating.

Download “MyPhotoFrame” for your Mac here.
Visit the official website of “MyPhotoFrame” here.

MyPhotoFrame is a floating window auto slide show generator for your photographs. Given any folder of photos or a folder of folders of photos will randomly place your pictures in the floating window. Folder may be on your Mac or a network attached drive. Floating window can be moved anywhere on screen and selectable in 3 sizes. Refresh time is also selectable with 4 choices. Photos are automatically sized for the floating window, regardless of the actual photo image size. You may also select to have MyPhotoFrame run automatically at login. It remembers all of your user selected choices. Photo play my be “paused” and displays the photo name and path. You can also go back one photo. App uses minimum cpu and disk resources- it is very efficient!