MyChuChu Coloring Book is a companion app to the popular ChuChu TV show for children. MyChuChu Coloring Book lets your child illustrate and color page after page of their favorite ChuChu TV characters and scenes. If that wasn’t enough, MyChuChu Coloring Book also features a Free Draw mode that lets your child choose their own brush size and colors to draw anything they wish. MyChuChu Coloring Book is your childs next favorite app!

From the main menu of MyChuChu Coloring Book your child will have two options, ChuChu TV Pages or Free Draw. Choosing ChuChu TV Pages will present your child with pages of sense and characters from ChuChu TV that your child can then color in. Free Draw will present your child with a blank canvas where they can freely draw and color in whatever they desire. Both options are sure to have your child entertained for hours on end.

ChuChu TV Pages feature your childs favorite characters and scene from the ChuChu TV show. Selecting a page from this menu will bring your child into the canvas where they can then color their favorite ChuChu TV moment. At the bottom of the canvas your child can choose their favorite colors to fill in on the ChuChu TV scene or they can use the Hint feature on the left side of the screen to get a general idea of how it should look. Once the canvas has been covered there will be an outpouring of Candy Rain that will keep your child engaged with the coloring and also give them a sense of accomplishment. After each ChuChu TV moment is filled in they will get Candy Rain, this doesn’t occur in Free Draw mode as there isn’t a goal to be obtained there.

Free Draw allows your child to create whatever they would like on a blank canvas. Entering into this mode gives your child the option between five different brush sizes and all of the colors at the bottom of the canvas. Let them use their imagination to come up with something truly creative. After they’ve come up with a masterpiece you, the parent, can use the share button on the right hand side to share it with friends and family. Tapping on the share button will ask you to solve a simple math problem before all of the sharing options appear.

Let your child explore their creative side with MyChuChu Coloring Book for the iPad!

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