Tired of plugging your phone into your car’s audio jack? Maybe you got the new iPhone 7 and need to add a Bluetooth connection to your car? The Mpow Bluetooth Receiver achieves this.

For years I have been plugging my phone into my car for power, and to play my phone’s audio through the speakers of my car. Who knows how much time I have wasted plugging my phone into my car. With the Mpow Bluetooth Receiver, I can automatically connect my phone to my car to stream music to my car’s speakers. The setup process is simple:

  1. Charge the Mpow Bluetooth Receiver.
  2. Connect the Mpow Bluetooth Receiver to your car’s audio jack.
  3. Push the Play/Pause button down for 3 seconds until the LED begins flashing red/blue or you hear the connection tone.
  4. Open your phone’s bluetooth pairing screen and tap on Mpow. If the device requires a password, it should be 0000. You can refer to the Mpow manual to be sure.
  5. Once it connects, you are good to go. Happy streaming.

When you are done, simply turn off your car and walk away. You usually do not need to manually disconnect the Mpow from your phone. It may stay connected if you are in close proximity of your vehicle. If this is the case, you will need to manually disconnect by holding down the play/pause button on the Mpow for three seconds until it disconnects.

When you jump back into your car, hold the play/pause button down on the Mpow for a few seconds to power it up. It will automatically connect to your phone and you are ready to stream audio again.

Check out the video for the full review and to see it in action.

Until all vehicles come with Bluetooth audio, we will need devices like the Mpow Bluetooth Receiver.

Check it out on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2cDB3HY