With the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and probably future phones as well, not having a headphone jack, it was time to find a solution that would allow us to listen to music and charge while in the car, or anywhere for that matter. The Mpow Bluetooth Receiver was the answer to that problem, check out our guide on how to get it setup.

Charge the Mpow Bluetooth Receiver using the included micro usb cable. A single charge will last you around ten hours of playtime, which will probably translate to at least a few days of use. If you are able to provide power to it from your car, you will still be able to use its bluetooth function while charging.

It comes with a small adapter jack that will provide a short, rigid connection to your 1/8 audio jack. It also includes a cable that will allow you to set it up in another place in your car that is easier to access or perhaps more discrete. 

Connect the Receiver to your phone by holding down the Connect Button for three seconds which will put it into Pairing Mode

Using your phone’s bluetooth connection menu, connect to the Mpow Receiver that will now be visible as a possible bluetooth connection. You may have to enter 0000 for the password, but in my experience, I didn’t need to do this. 

Now you can stream music from a variety of apps on your phone or device. 
Be aware that the MPow Receiver does not depend on your vehicle for power. Therefore, it will not turn off or disconnect automatically when you turn off your engine.

If you are near the device, you may want to manually disconnect from the receiver, or else it might accidentally send calls to the bluetooth device. However, if you move out of range of the receiver, it will disconnect.

When you return to your vehicle, you will not need to go through the pairing process again. Simply press the Play Pause button of your music application for a couple of seconds and it will reconnect automatically since it has already gone through the pairing process once before and will remember the connection. 

Check out this affordable, easy option to overcome the frustrating problem of the lack of headphone jack on the new iPhones!

Mpow Bluetooth Receiver: http://amzn.to/2cn2MQ2