Versatile Movie Player for Apple TV with an integrated file manager, upload capabilities for movies from other devices and support for various movie file formats.

Movie Player+ works only on the Apple TV 4th Generation.

Once Movie Player+ has been downloaded to your Apple TV it’s time to upload some of your favorite videos to it. To do this, you’ll first have to open Movie Player+ on your Apple TV and either select WiFi if you are using a WiFi connection or Ethernet if you are using an ethernet connection. Either method will work just fine and the process is the same with each.

After selecting your connection method, you will have to enable the connection by clicking on your Siri Remote that comes with the Apple TV. You will then see a green connection bar at the top of your screen and an IP address will appear at the bottom. From your computer or any device that you have video files stored, you’ll need to navigate to that IP from a web browser and then you’ll be able to upload files to your Apple TV. You can only upload one at a time but the process is fairly quick and they will be ready to view as soon as they are uploaded.

Once you are done transferring video files to Movie Player+, turn your connection off and navigate back to the main menu and you’ll see all of the files you’ve uploaded in alphabetical order. From there, clicking on a video file will play it just like any other movie, but best of all this does not require an active network connection, all of the files are now locally stored on your Apple TV!

Download Movie Player+ on the Apple TV App Store
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