Motivational Quotes iPhone Apps

There are just some days that we may need a little extra boost. Whether it be a little boost in confidence, success, happiness, peace, etc. its safe to say that there is an app for that. There are plenty of apps in the app store that can give you some motivational quotes to bring something extra in your day, we are going to show you a few of them that you can get today.


Inspirational Quotes (

This app is a takes a very straight forward approach to giving you some motivation. The bulk of the app is quotes that you can flip through like pages of an old book. There are some really good quotes that will be sure to give you some motivation to get things done. If the quotes that come with the app aren’t enough you can hop over to the community form where you can read and interact with other quotes that community remembers are posting. Grab this motivational quotes app today.


PTO Inspirational Quotes (

This app packs your iPhone with more than 200 motivational quotes that will be available in the palm of your hands. PTO will also display a daily quote that is great for starting your day on a good foot. If you find a motivational quote that you like and think someone else would enjoy it to you can email him or her the quote right from inside the app. And if you remember a quote from the other day, you can go back and review motivational quotes from previous days.


505 Motivational Quotes (

If you looking for a motivational quotes app that has quote categories then look no more, 500 Motivational Quotes app has got you covered. The motivational quotes are broken down into eight different categories: Happiness, Inspirational, Leadership, Life, Motivational, Personal Growth, Success, and Wisdom. Once you choose a category you are display quotes that are related to it. You can even chose to be displayed a random quote if you would like to.


Inspiring Quotes 5000 (

This is another straightforward app that displays a variety of motivational quotes. This app is a little more colorful and has some peaceful looking images embedded along with the quotes. The main interface allows you to see all of the quotes that are embedded into the application but if you find one that you really like you can favorite that quote and then filter through your favorites when you would like to.



As you can see there is a wide variety of motivational quotes apps for the iPhone. These were just a few of the ones that we selected from the App Store but there are plenty more out there that can meet your needs if these selected ones didn’t. If you have a favorite iPhone motivational quote app let us know in the comments section below.