MEedia allows anyone who wants to be in the spotlight to experience the realistic situation of being at the podium of a real press conference.

To get started using MEedia you’ll first to create a profile by tapping on Create Profile from the main menu. This will allow you to enter your name, team, league, list of fantasy league, and favorite sport. There are even four different screen backgrounds for you to choose from for your MEedia broadcast. These profiles that you create will be used for your MEedia Press Conference or MPC.

Selecting Create MPC from the main menu will give you topics to discuss while holding your press conference. Some of the topics are; discuss a win, discuss a loss, injury report, league talk, hot topic, just to rant, and more.

Once you’ve selected your profile and topic you’ll begin recording your MPC. You’ll want to make sure and stand in front of a blank backdrop as everything will be overlaid onto the background. As you’re recording your conference media will ask you questions based upon your topic of discussion and after the question has been asked you’ll have 30 seconds to answer the question before moving onto the next one. Once you finish recording your conference done, save the video to your device and uploaded to anyone of your favorite social networks.

When you’re ready to do your next MPC, be sure and select View Saved MPC from the main menu, this will allow you to select a template that you’ve created and use it for your press conference. You’ll be the talk of your fantasy sports league!

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