Designing Marvel characters with their own stylus is the best experience possible. Download Marvel Creativity Studio Deluxe for free, and unlock all of the extras within the app at NO EXTRA COST when you purchase the stylus!

Download “Marvel Creativity Studio Deluxe” for your iPad.
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The Marvel Creativity Studio Deluxe Smart Stylus and App help turn your iPad into an interactive art studio where you and your kids can learn to draw, color, and animate your favorite Marvel heroes and villains. Set your creativity free with characters from Avengers Assemble, The Ultimate Spider-Man and Hulk, and the Agents of Smash.
Unique activities for all ages and skill levels
DRAW helps you learn to draw your favorite characters with an interactive grid system and unique “Drawing Scope.” ASSEMBLE shows you how to direct your Marvel characters in your own animated masterpiece. Build and animate action scenes with character stickers, sound effects, speech bubbles, and backgrounds. And then COLOR lets you choose from professionally illustrated coloring pages. You can add your own flare with more than eight drawing tools and an extensive palette of 64 colors. They're all surprisingly easy thanks to interactive help videos that clearly guide you.
Multiple tools and effects
The Smart Stylus gives you a range of capabilities that make your Creativity Studio experience amazingly rich and lifelike. Wirelessly switch tools and change the line thickness for the most precise drawings. “Shake” to animate your creations and more.
Sticker Creator
This amazing tool allows you to create custom stickers from any drawing or coloring page. Then use your creation in the Assemble activity to personalize your animated scenes.