Custom SLR’s M-Plate Pro makes using your camera’s tripod mount easier and more flexible.

Custom SLR tracks its company origins to a Kickstarter campaign for the C-Loop, a product that alleviates a common problem amongst photographers: how to use a camera strap without constant interference to shooting. The crowdfunding campaign was extremely successful, and helped get the company off the ground and begin creating more innovative photography solutions.

After two successful product campaigns on Kickstarter, Custom SLR created the M-Plate Pro, M-Plate Slim, and M-Plate Mini. The M-Plate is yet another novel solution to a frequent problem; every camera has a only a single tripod mount, but a whole world of accessories that want to utilize that mount. Here is where the M-Plate series of tripod mounts come in. After being attached to your camera’s tripod mount with the built-in self-retaining hex screw, the M-Plate Pro provides six additional 1/4″ tripod mounts and an M-Link Port that is compatible with other Custom SLR accessories. The M-Plate Pro goes beyond just adding more mounting points however, the plate is also compatible with Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-Swiss Quick Release tripod systems. This means one less potentially heavy, bulky addition to your camera, and faster transitions between tripod and handheld shooting. To make things even easier for photographers, one of the tripod mounts is set farther forward for better balance with larger lenses and and the C-Loop system. Using aerospace grade aluminum construction, and neoprene padding to protect your camera against scratches, the M-Plate Pro will outlast both camera and photographer.

If you’re a photographer who frequently shoots run-and-gun style but also needs the option to mount your camera on a tripod, you definitely need Custom SLR’s M-Plate Pro. Soon you won’t know how you worked without it.

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