logdog-app-screen4With the recent increase of online hacking and identity theft isn’t it time that you protect your data? LogDog is here to help! LogDog is a mobile Intrusion Detection System for your online accounts. What that means is that LogDog monitors the accounts you grant it access to and will alert you immediately if there is any suspicious activity on that account. LogDog gives you peace of mind with your online accounts.

Currently LogDog will help you protect your Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Yahoo!, and Evernote accounts with future support planned for Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. LogDog will only allow you to sign into one account per platform, meaning that if you have a personal Google account and a separate one for work you will have to choose which one you want to protect.

logdog-app-screen5To being protecting an account you’ll have to select it from the side menu. Once selected you will be brought to the sign-in screen for that account where you will have to enter in your username and password. Don’t worry though, LogDog never stores any of your user information on their servers, you log directly into your account and LogDog will encrypt your information and store it locally on your device. Once you’ve signed in to your account LogDog will initiate a scan of your account to determine if any actions are needed.

LogDog will display all of the accounts that you’re protecting on the main screen where you can also see the current status of the account. If no actions are needed then each account will show Protected to the right of the name. Tapping on an account will bring you into the Activity section where you can see all of the vital information to that account. You will see the latest activity, devices used to access this account, source IP addresses, and more. This will help you determine if anyone else is trying to access your account and from where.

logdog-app-screen1In the event you should have someone trying to access your account, LogDog will immediately alert you to take action. What really sets LogDog apart is that the actionable items will take you directly to the site that you need to change. If, for example, LogDog determines that someone is trying to access your Yahoo! account they will alert you to change your password. Tapping on the alert will take your directly to the Change Password screen inside of your Yahoo! account. This is really helpful because you don’t have to fumble through different menus to get where you need to go, LogDog does all of that for you. If you feel that you received an alert by mistake or you don’t feel it was a major threat you do have the option to ignore or dismiss the alert all together. This isn’t always recommended but you do have the option should you choose to do so.

Don’t let your precious information get into the hands of someone else, secure your data with LogDog. Available in the Google Play Store.

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