Lightomania is one of the most fun and addictive games available for your iOS device. When first opening the app you will be greeted by two cute furry “lightomaniacs”. These two furry creatures are trying to capture all the lights in the town. You will proceed through various puzzle-like games in order to help them succeed in capturing the lights. Each level gets trickier and trickier.


When first starting the game you start off in the pantry and work your way through the house to the kitchen with each level. By catching the lightning bolts you will gain “wings” allowing you to unlock the more challenging puzzles in the game.


In order to catch the light bulb, users pull the tongue of the furry lightomaniac character. You will need to choose the best strategy, and release to make the jump. You can bounce off of other characters in your level in order to jump higher. The less moves it takes to reach the target results in more bonuses for the user.

As you play the game you can view video tips to help you out call “walkthroughs”. You can access these at the top left of your screen. You can switch languages in the settings, access the game center, and mute the games music.

This game is challenging and a great way to pass time. It is full of colorful graphics and comical animations that will surely make you laugh as you play. This game is great for people of all ages. Enjoy 54 different levels in packs of three.

Lightomania is only 99 cents in the App Store but if you would like to try it before buying the full version you can do so buy downloading the free version in the App Store. In the “light” version you can try out the game and have access to one pack. In order to have access to all of the levels you will need to purchase the full version. The price of the app is definitely worth it.

Download for iPhone, iPod, and iPad Here.

Download Lite Version for  iPhone, iPod, and iPad Here.

– charming duo of characters;
– 54 exciting levels in 3 packs;
– challenging bonuses and awards;
– logical skills tasks;
– adorable heroes and funny animations.