LightArrow Organizer is an extraordinary all-in-one productivity app for business and personal use. Manage contacts, calendars, projects, documents and more in one place.

Upon launching LightArrow Organizer you’ll be brought into the Dashboard. The Dashboard allows you to easily focus on what matters by showing you your contacts, calendars, projects, documents, and more! Each category will allow you to manage, edit, add, remove, modify, etc., existing data that lives in LightArrow Organizer and on your device itself. Best of all, the number of apps needed to do so has now been narrowed down to one!

Enter into a category in LightArrow Organizer and you’ll be able to modify it. For example, go to the Calendar section and you can add in all of your events and/or appointments. You can even choose the make LightArrow Organizer your only calendar app or you can have it import the calendar from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac as well. Then anything and everything you add here will be accessible on your device at all times. This will work for any category that you wish to add something to.

LightArrow Organizer even understands that at times you will need to create things outside of their app, that’s why they have an import option! If you use Evernote to create notes you can add a Notebook specifically for LightArrow Organizer and then have it import for you automatically! If you like to stay on top of the news with Twitter, you can have your feed imported. If you want to keep tabs on Facebook, you can check it from within LightArrow Organizer. There’re so many possibilities with LightArrow Organizer!

The final piece with LightArrow Organizer is going to be Syncing. You can enable cloud syncing so all of your devices will have the same content whenever you open them. This works great across all iOS and Mac devices! Best of all, LightArrow Organizer is free and ready for you to download!

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