So lets say you’re strolling down the street in your new shoes, and you forgot to tell your mom that you love her before you left. You haven’t told her in a while actually. So you elect to call her, but uh-oh, you’re over your minutes, plus, who wants to make a call for just a short conversation like that? I know I would’t. what ever will you do? I have a suggestion, use Voxer!

Voxer is a newly updated app available for the iOS system that allows you to use your device as a walkie-talkie.
Not only can this device be used as a walkie-talkie, it can also be used to initiate one on one or group chat sessions.

You can send Audio, test, photo, and locations messages all from within the app.
A great feature about this app, is that everything is completely free. With NO ADS. Neat, right?

The app also allows you to create messages while you are offline, and send them when you get a Wi-Fi, 3G or any other data network connection.
The app allows you to connect to to Facebook so that you can connect with any of your friends on Voxer as well.

Voxer turns your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch device into the ultimate Push To Talk (PTT) real-time Walkie Talkie

This app is pretty simple, but it does just what it needs to do, it works. No more phone calls and wasted minutes just because you forgot to ask your boyfriend to get milk before he gets home, now you can just walkie-talkie it to him and all is well in the world because you’ll be drinking milk tonight!