Battle the monster you great Knight of Chivalry! Stop his appetite by receiving back the green letters that he tries to capture.

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“Knight of Words is an unprecedented and original word game! The highly-intelligent monsters now spell, while the human mess things up.”


In the Castle there hides highly-intelligent monsters. They have big appetites for words. Whenever they find a word, they capture it. Your job is to remove the word-captive and screw up the word castles, thus forcing the monsters to surrender with ruined appetites.


1. The monster challenges you with a letter-tiled board at each level.
2. You take turn to spell using the letter tiles.
3. Find words across, down, or diagonally. Letters reusable.
4. The monster will turn its word-captive to green colour.
5. The word you find will behave depending on the sword you use.


Vapor is the default sword. It vaporizes a word.
Zero is a sword you earn after spelling 3 ‘Z’ letter tiles. It transforms a word to Z’s.
Poison is a sword you earn after spelling 3 ‘Q’ letter tiles. It transforms the letter tiles of a word into bombs that blow up automatically if they were captured by the monster.


1. There are 42 levels.
2. The monster’s IQ gets higher as the level goes up.
3. Network connection not required at all.
4. The game dictionary contains over 100,000 words.
5. The Monsters behaves nicely. They keep a ‘bad word list’ and avoid spelling those words. They expect human the same manner.