Are you hungry? Search for restaurants close to your current location for eating out or for pick up and delivery. We have 500,000 restaurant listings across the United States on our app to help you choose where to dine out or dine in. Browse by proximity, price, type of restaurant, and popularity. Each restaurant listing has detailed store information, reviews, maps, a button for fast dialing to connect with the restaurant, and a gallery of pictures to help you make your dining decision.

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Our app also has take out and delivery ordering through the smartphone (in the DC area only). For restaurants that have signed on to our online ordering, you can click on menu items and order quickly and easily through an automated process through the smartphone. You can avoid calling restaurants during peak dining hours. Our process bypasses busy telephones and goes straight to the kitchen fax machine. KlickOrder keeps track of your past orders for fast repeat orders and will automatically reward you with loyalty points. Our KlickOrder portal is adding new online ordering restaurants and restaurant menus every day.


* Find restaurants near your address, or your current location!

* Search for restaurants by distance, popularity, and price.

* Find restaurant information including ratings, store hours, and location.

* Look at menus with full-color pictures, descriptions, and pricing of the food you’re ordering!

* Click on each menu item you want to order. We have developed the fastest and most intuitive interface for ordering food on an app!

* Our app provides a GPS map that calculates your route to the restaurant you have chosen and shows your distance and location in relation to the restaurant in real-time!

* One-time easy registration keeps track of credit card transactions for easy repeat orders over the phone.

* Our credit card transactions are Verified and Secure.

* Our app keeps track of past orders to quickly and easily reorder favorite items from your favorite restaurants.

* Our app calculates the tip on your food order!

* Our apps reward loyalty points and enjoy exclusive discounts when ordering with our online restaurants!