Klaser is a STUFF ORGANIZER designed to be your handy VISUAL MEMORY. All of us take pictures to REMEMBER SOMETHING. Whether it’s A THING OR INFORMATION don’t jam it with family pics.

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Manage and search your stuff with:
– descriptions
– collections
– tags
– timestamps
– maps
– search center
– list & grid view
– share through AirDrop or via email.


HOW IT WORKS? Imagine a weekend with Klaser…
1. Wake up at your favorite time (this has nothing to do with Klaser)
2. Go to the gym in the morning, but wait… When is the yoga class? You snapped the schedule into “SCHEDULES” folder, tagged ‘GYM, ‘YOGA, ‘JOE, THE TRAINER
3. Make your way to the grocery. The bus timetable pic – you will find in a “TIMETABLES” file, tagged ‘METROPOLITAN 55.
4. Since friends are coming for dinner. Pop out the Klaser app. Open “THE RECIPES” folder, find recipe “CREAM BRÛLÉE” – there, you have stored, in grandma’s handwriting, the secret family recipe.
5. The sale is coming out! If you are not sure whether to buy or not, picture your outfits into “TO BUY” collection. Tag relevantly: ‘DRESS, ‘RED, ‘SEXY. Share with your friends.
6. Once purchased, SNAP THE RECEIPT in “RECEIPTS” file right away.
7. Passing by the TAKEAWAY MENU of a crowded bar. Snap menu flyer into “MENUS” file. Tag ‘ITALIAN. The next day, when you are hanging around, If you get hungry, just pop it out and take a look.
8. Your friend brought some good wine for dinner. Go ahead. Take a photo, and slip it into “WINE DISCOVERIES”. Tags: ‘RED, ‘DRY.
9. STOMACH PROBLEM? No worries since you have a folder – “MEDS I TAKE”. Just show it in a DRUG STORE and enjoy your weekend.

Make your collectibles comfortable in Klaser. Give them space to grow. Share your collectibles with friends.