MobileLite Wireless works as a portable card reader to give you unlimited access to all of your data, anywhere you are.

MobileLite Wireless makes it easy to:
Free up space by downloading photos from your phone’s camera roll to a USB or SD card
Copy and transfer files between USB Flash drives and SD cards or copy files locally to your mobile device
Use the MobileLite Wireless app to share photos, files, and movies with up to 3 users simultaneously
Stay socially connected, even from remote locations. Upload vacation photos from your SD card directly to Facebook and Twitter or to your email
Stay connected to the Internet while sharing files and photos with friends for up to 5 hours

MobileLite Wireless is great for travel. It lets you stream up to three movies from Flash cards and USB Flash drives to three different devices at once.

Use MobileLite Wireless to charge your phone or other device. Stay productive and keep the power flowing without having to plug into a wall outlet.

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