The Kid-Do Timeline is the best way to help your kids get things done on time and without a struggle. By giving kids fun visual cues illustrating the passage of time, Kid-Do demystifies the concept of time and empowers children to be responsible for its management.

  • Imagine if your kids really understood what you meant when you said, “The faster you clean up your toys, the more time you will have at the playground.”
  • Imagine your kids racing to brush their teeth before bedtime so they have more time for books and snuggles.
  • Imagine not having to remind your kids six times to get dressed.

We’re not kidding.

We’re parents with small children. We developed the Kid-Do Timeline for our kids, because we saw them struggle to manage their time. We recognized how hard it was for them to understand that every repetition of “put your shoes on” meant they had less time with their friends, at a party, or at a favorite restaurant.

Whether getting them through their morning routines or sending them off to sleep, the Kid-Do Timeline helps make schedules and routines accessible to and fun for your kids.

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