I have found that the leading cause of my procrastination is the amount of cool stuff on my iPhone I could be doing rather than what I should be doing. Over the years I have integrated many apps into my life and there are just some I can’t live with out. With that said, they can easily become a distraction when I go to my phone for something that should have just taken a second. Those pesky little notification badges just call you into the app to clear out the notifications.

iPhone Productivity

After many attempts to reorganize apps to be more productive I decided what I really needed to do was clear off my home screen. There is nothing wrong with having apps for everything on your phone, I just need them out of sight. I decided to keep a clear homescreen with only the necessities available. If I need other apps, I can scroll over to that page.

iPhone Productivity

Not having notification badges all over my screen sure helps curb the anxiety of needing to see what each app has for me. The image above is my phone on a good day. Usually there are at least 100 notifications reminding me of how far behind I am on my blog reading or Facebook messages.

If you find yourself getting into apps when you should be focusing on something else, try removing the distraction by moving apps over a screen. It will still take some will power to keep from scrolling over to the next screen but at least those badges or your favorite game won’t be there staring at you after that phone call completes or you close the mail app.

How do you curb distractions when using your iPhone?