Karma Kounter is a mobile health app like no other, it’s an app that tracks all of your karma! Karma Kounter focuses on your unique personal development by keeping track of eight important health areas: creative, mental moral, physical, professional, romantic, social, and spiritual.

Launching Karma Kounter will bring you into the Kounter screen where you can tally all of the decisions you’ve made for the day that fit into the eight health areas. Tapping on the arrow next to the Health Area will drop down a menu of creative virtues that you could have completed throughout the day. If a virtue that you’ve done is not listed you can add in a new one at the top of the list. If you have completed some virtues in this list then tap on the “+” button next to the virtue to tally it for the day. You can, of course, tally more than one virtue for each area.

If you have a reoccurring activity that you would like Karma Kounter to automatically tally you can set that up in the Activities screen. This would be useful if you went on a daily jog or run that you would like to have added to the Physical area each time you did the activity. All you have to do here is select the days that you do the activity, give it a name, choose the category you want it added to, and the timeframe and you are good to go. Each day at the time you’ve set up Karma Kounter will automatically add in the virtue for you!

To make things more social, Karma Kounter has integrated with Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram, and Health Kit to keep you on task! You can connect Karma Kounter with you favorite networks and it will automatically scan you posts for specific hashtags and add those hashtags to you Kounter. You can see a list of hashtags per category as well as add in your own like you would add a virtue to a category. This is really neat as you can share with your friends and family what you are up to and Karma Kounter will add points to your virtues for you!

Keep track of all of your Karma with Karma Kounter, available exclusively for the iPhone!

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