Italian Yummy puts excellent recipes as well as a myriad of essential kitchen tools in your pocket.

This is not your average recipe app, Italian Yummy features a beautiful interface that is optimized for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, recipes you can sort in almost any way imaginable, and built-in essentials like shopping list, reverse recipe finder, calculator, and more.

Recipes are the bread and butter of Italian Yummy, and you won’t find a better way to find and create your favorite Italian dishes. In the Recipes section, you’ll be presented with several different ways to find the perfect recipe. You can sort by courses such as appetizers, main courses, and side dishes, as well as your main dietary restrictions; gluten free, lactose free, and vegetarian. In addition, Italian Yummy provides an advanced search function with many ways to filter your results, such as by keyword, various restrictions, cooking time, difficulty, and more.

Each recipe includes a beautiful photo of the completed recipe, useful information about the recipe such as spiciness, calorie count per serving, cooking time, difficulty, and comments from other Italian Yummy users. Each recipe of course includes an ingredient list and detailed instructions.

Italian Yummy also provides your essential kitchen tools. Included in the app is a shopping list, a reverse recipe lookup that lets you find recipes based on ingredients you have, a calculator, and a unit converter for liquid and solid weights as well as temperature, and a timer.

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