iSecrets, designed for iPhone and iPad, is a magazine for those who would like to learn more about their devices that they hold so dearly. iSecrets focuses on a general topic for each issue and then sprinkles app reviews, tests, comparisons, and spin-offs throughout. The central theme is Apple products but occasionally there will be mention of other platforms or other services, apps, or products that could be used universally. iSecrets is going to be your next stop for industry leading news and interviews.


iSecrets lives inside of Newsstand on your iPhone or iPad. Upon launching the iSecrets magazine app you can choose to download previous issues or download the latest. There is also an option for you to subscribe to iSecrets so you can always have the latest issue waiting for you on your device. When you decide to subscribe it will start you with the most recent issue and then your subscription will be active from there, you can always purchase past issues if you would like to.


Navigation of iSecrets is simple and easy to use. When you first open up and issue you will see the cover of the magazine. Swiping to the right will then take you to the table of contents where you can get a general overview of what’s instore for that specific issue. Tapping anywhere on the screen will bring up the navigation controls where you can easy jump between pages of iSecrets. In the top right corner of the controls is the table of contents broken down by section, you will be able to jump from section to section by tapping on the thumbnail. Tapping Back will take you to the iSecrets newsstand app where you can select from all of the issues of iSecrets. The star in the top left corner will add the current issue you’re reading to your favorites. And finally, the scroll bar at the bottom will allow you to quickly scroll through the content of the issue that you’re reading.


Each issue of iSecrets will feature the latest news where the writers of iSecrets cover the latest and most important events relates to technology and gadgets. iSecrets will also dive deep into a specific topic each issue where they will share secrets, hacks, and explanations on the topics they choose. There will also be some tips and tricks to make your digital life a little easier and some overviews of apps that you should have on your device.

Never be left in the dark with your iPhone or iPad again. Download iSecrets to unlock the true potential of your devices.

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