Episode 3 of our new weekly show the “DailyAppShow iPad 3DL” (3 Downloads). In this episode we check out Magic Piano by Smule, Batman: Arkham Origins and Thor: The Dark World.

This Week’s Sponsor of iPad 3DL:
Lep’s World 3 – FREE – http://goo.gl/8leUnf

Check out these apps in the App Store:
Magic Piano by Smule – Free – http://goo.gl/oV03VW
Play your favorite tunes on the piano with this fun and easy to use app. Unlock more songs everyday and listen to other pianists across the globe.

Batman: Arkham Origins – Free – http://goo.gl/HJJla8
Take on the life of Bruce Wayne on Christmas Eve to defeat some bosses and others who want to destroy Gotham city.

Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game – Free – http://goo.gl/Rn4pac
Thor, the God of Thunder, has to defend Asgard and the Nine Worlds once more as Malekith comes with intentions to destroy all. Ban together with other Asgardian heroes to defeat Malekith and his army.