The Samsung Galaxy S series of phones introduced a built-in fingerprint scanner inside the home button for advanced biometric security in 2014’s Galaxy S5, and now the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 includes one for even faster and more convenient security on the tablet. Here’s how to enable fingerprint scanning and add additional fingerprints to your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2:

  • Open the Lock screen and security menu in the Personal section of the Settings app.
  • Tap the Screen lock type menu, then tap on Fingerprints to require fingerprint verification when unlocking your tablet.
  • You will be guided through the process of adding your first fingerprint. This involves touching and lifting your finger on the home button several times to capture the entire print.
  • After adding the first fingerprint, navigate back to the Lock screen and security menu, then tap Fingerprints.
  • Here, you can add a new fingerprint by tapping Add fingerprint and repeating the process of capturing a fingerprint.
  • Below the Manage fingerprints section, you find options to use fingerprint scanning in other locations:
    • Web sign-in lets you use your fingerprint to automatically type in saved passwords in the browser.
    • Verify Samsung account uses your fingerprints to securely log you into your Samsung account.