Since apps on your Galaxy Tab S2 take up the whole screen when they’re open, you might think that you can’t do any multitasking. Not true! Check out how to use multitasking on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2:

You’ve probably already stumbled on the app switcher by tapping the Recents key next to the home button. This opens up the carousel where you see every open app on your Tab, with the most recent apps towards the front. Switching between the apps is as simple as tapping the Recents key and tapping on the app you want to open, and you swipe away any app you wish to close.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 also includes split screen multitasking. You can open two separate apps at the same time using this feature, and is great for both productivity and entertainment (or both at the same time!).

Using split screen is easy:

  1. Individually open both of the two apps you want to use in split screen.
  2. Open the carousel using the Recents key to the left of the home button.
  3. Tap on the Split Screen icon next to the X at the top right corner of the app you want at the top of the screen.
  4. The app will be opened in the top half of the screen. The bottom half will continue to show the app carousel.
  5. Tap any app in the carousel to open in the bottom half of the screen.
  6. The bottom app will be highlighted with a line around the edge and a white dot at the top. You can drag this dot to resize the apps to any size you wish.
  7. To exit split screen mode, either click the home key to return to the home screen, or click the Recents key to return to any app.


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