There are times when you are not in the safest of locations or with the most trustworthy people, and often being in these situations is a fact of daily life. Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 provides a potentially life saving feature to help give you a little bit more peace of mind. Check out how to turn on and use the SOS Emergency Notifier on the Galaxy Note 5:



  • sos notifierFirst turn on the feature by opening the Privacy and Safety menu found in the Personal page of the Settings app and turning on Send SOS Message.
  • You will see an animation showing how to use the SOS Message shortcut by clicking the power button quickly three times.
  • When the SOS Emergency notifier is enabled, triple-clicking the power button will silently send a message to a contact (or contacts) of your choice letting them know that you are in a danger and need help, and will attach your location information. NOTE: please let your emergency contacts know ahead of time that you are choosing them and discuss what to do if you need to use the Emergency Notifier.
  • After turning on the Send SOS Message option, you can then set a contact to send your SOS to. Tapping Send messages to prompts you to either create a new contact or select from your existing contacts.
  • The Attach pictures toggle will silently take and send pictures from both the front and rear cameras after performing the SOS notifier action.
  • Attach audio recording will send an audio recording from the Galaxy Note 5’s microphone to your contact.



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