One of the biggest differentiating features of the Galaxy Note line is the inclusion of a high quality stylus called S Pen that enables interesting new features and a better experience for jotting notes on your phone. With the Note 5, the S Pen is even more functional and useful. Check out how to use the S pen with your Galaxy Note 5:

Not only does your Galaxy Note 5 come an S Pen included, the S Pen is conveniently stored directly in the Note 5 itself. To remove the S Pen from the bottom left of the Note, click on bottom of the pen to extend the end, then pull out.



air commandAir Command

With your phone unlocked, you will immediately see Air Command when you pull the S Pen out of your Note 5. Air Command is a set of S Pen-specific functions and shortcuts. By default, you will see in Air Command:

  • Action memo. An Action memo is a special type of note that can turn your written text into actions on your device.
  • Smart select. The Smart select feature provides a capture tool to select content on a screen and save it as an image.
  • Screen write. Screen write allows you to capture a screen shot and then write notes on the screen shot.
  • S Note. This takes you right into the S Note app.
  • Add shortcuts. Here you can add shortcuts or functions right in Air Command for super easy access.



Action Memos

An action memo is like a sticky note with super powers. Once you tap on the Action Memo shortcut in Air Command, an action note is created, and will stay put on your screen until you click either Save or Cancel.

  • Once an Action memo is created, you can use your S Pen to handwrite notes or drawings.
  • Tap on the List button at the top right to view your previously created action memos.
  • Switch between Pen and Eraser modes to either write and draw or erase.
  • Tapping DELETE will delete your memo.
  • Tapping SAVE will save and close your memo.
  • Tapping MORE brings up additional options for the memo: Share, Link to action, Minimize, Pin to Home screen, Edit as S Note, Change background color, and Discard.

Action memos aren’t just for a quick note though; they can do things for you too (hence the ‘action’ in ‘action memo’). Based on your memo’s content, Action Memo will intelligently decipher information and perform relevant actions for you.

For example, if you have a name and phone number written down, you can link that info to create a new contact, or navigate to an address, or add events to your calendar, and more. To get started, simply write down some info, tap MORE, tap on Link to action, then tap on an appropriate action.

screen off memoScreen Off Memo

Memos can also be captured quickly with the S Pen even when your device is locked. Simply remove the S Pen and begin writing, and the Screen Off Memo function will record and save your note. To enable this functionality, head to the S Pen menu in the Settings app.



Air View

Air View is a feature for the S Pen that propels the stylus from being useful to a productivity powerhouse. Air View functionality is enabled in dozens of places across your phone throughout the system and default apps. What Air View does is allows you instant glances at additional information or previews for content like emails, photos, videos, app icons, and more. Simply hover your S Pen over your Note 5’s screen to see Air View information about whatever is under the S Pen pointer.


Another incredibly useful feature up the S Pen’s sleeve is Handwriting. Whenever you encounter a text field (such as search boxes, messaging, or form fields), simply hover your S Pen over the field until the Handwriting icon appears. Tap on the Handwriting icon, and begin writing with the pen as you normally would. Handwriting automatically picks up your writing and writes to the text field.



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