Since apps on your HTC One M9 take up the whole screen when they’re open, you might think that you can’t do any multitasking. Not true! Check out how to use multitasking on your HTC One M9:

Screenshot_2015-04-16-14-27-09To access the most recently used apps, tap on the Recent Apps icon in the navigation bar at the bottom. The icon looks like two boxes, one on top of the other. This opens a screen that shows the apps you’ve used in chronological order, starting from the bottom right and going up to the top left. Tapping on any app will bring you directly into the last place you were at in the app. Swiping up on any app in the Recent Apps screen will close that app and remove it from memory. You can also close all running apps by tapping the X icon in the title bar of the Recent Apps screen.

Tapping on the three dot icon gives you a menu to open a list of running apps or to take you into the screen pinning options in the Settings app. When you tap on the Running Apps option, you see a list of currently running apps, as well as a breakdown of how much (RAM) memory is being used. Swipe left and right from this screen to view lists of apps by category: downloaded apps, apps residing on the SD card, and all apps.


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