The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 includes a few intuitive motion and gesture-based actions that enable useful functions. Here’s how to enable and use motions and gestures on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5:



To enable the four motions and gestures, navigate to the Device page in the Settings app and tap on Motions and gestures.

  • In this menu, we see an animation and description at the top, and a list of toggles below.
  • Direct call will automatically dial the number of the contact message conversation you’re currently looking at when you raise the phone to your ear.
  • Smart alert will make your Galaxy Note 5 vibrate whenever you pick it up if you have a missed call or message.
  • Mute will silence phone calls and alarms if you either place your hand over the screen or flip the phone over.
  • Palm swipe to capture makes it easier to snap a screenshot by letting you swipe the side of your whole hand across the screen, capturing whatever is beneath it.



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