Recently there has been a push towards enhancing and tracking various aspects of one’s health using their smart devices and all the technology they now pack in. Samsung has pushed the envelope of health and fitness tracking with their S Health app and features built into their hardware. Check out how to use the heart rate sensor built into your Samsung Galaxy Note 5:



  1. hear rate sensorFind and open the S Health app. By default, this is located in the App Drawer.
  2. If this is your first time launching the app, you will be guided through a setup process.
  3. After setup, you are presenting the main screen of the app, which includes tiles that contain various aspects of health tracking.
  4. By default the heart rate tile is included. Scroll down and find the tile with a heart icon.
  5. Tap Measure.
  6. You see a moving line and an animation showing where to place your finger to read your heart rate.
  7. Place your finger on the heart rate sensor located next to the camera on the rear of the Note 5.
  8. Stay still and wait till the progress percentage reaches 100%.
  9. You then are presented with your heart rate BPM and asked to save the measurement to your S Health profile.
  10. On this info page, you can save a text note with the measurement, as well as one of thecurrent status icons at the bottom that cover various situations and emotional states you might currently be in.
  11. Tap either Cancel at the top to delete the reading or Save to keep it.



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