Voice recognition and artificial intelligence has progressed so far in recent years that we now have what can be accurately called “digital assistants” right in our pockets. Many hardware and software manufacturers are now utilizing these advances in technology to increase the functionality and speed of their devices. You’ve probably heard of these digital assistants; Apple’s Siri on the iPhone and iPad, S Voice on Samsung Smartphones and Tablets, and Cortana on Windows. One of the fastest and most accurate, however, is Google’s offering called Google Now. Here’s how to use Google Now on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2:

  • By default, the Google search bar widget is placed on your main home screen below the clock. To have Google Now begin listening for commands, either tap the microphone icon on the right of the search bar, or say “OK Google” whenever you can see the widget.
  • The “Ok Google” keyword can also be used whenever you are using the Google app, and opening the Voice Search app icon will automatically start Google Now listening.
  • After starting Google Now, you can then say a voice command. Voice commands can be used to start a Google search, ask for information like weather updates, sports scoresmath answers, and general facts, and can even operate tablet functions like opening apps, and toggling settings like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • To alter the settings of Google Now, open the Google Settings app (by default, you can find it in the Google folder in the App Drawer), then tap on the Search & Now, then Voice. From here, we have a few different options we can change:
    • Languages will, of course, change the language that google will listen and search for.
    • The “Ok Google” detection menu gives you the option to enable or disable the “Ok Google” detection from within the Google app.
    • The Hands-free menu lets you enable Google Now detection whenever you have a bluetooth or wired headset plugged in.
    • Speech output toggles voice feedback after using a voice command.
    • The “Block offensive words” toggle will hide offensive words in the text copy of your voice command and search results.
    • And turning on the “Bluetooth headset” toggle will use the microphone on your Bluetooth headset or device for listening to voice commands.


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