The latest and greatest Samsung flagship phone features a brand new industrial design using premium materials and advanced specs. Many people looking to upgrade their smartphones might be tempted to switch from Apple’s iPhone to the brand new Galaxy S6.

But just because you’re switching ecosystems does not mean you want to sacrifice all of the photos, videos, music, contacts, and messages that are on your old phone. Luckily for us, there is a simple way to transfer most of your data over to your new Samsung Galaxy S6 seamlessly. Here’s how:

The easiest way we have found to automatically transfer your photos, videos, music, contacts, and messages to your new phone without the tedious process of transferring everything by hand is to use an application called MobileTrans from Wondershare. MobileTrans is an easy to use application that is available for both Windows and Mac computers for a surprisingly low price of $19.95 considering all the convenience and functionality you get. Wondershare even lets you download and use MobileTrans on a trial basis to find out if it’s right for you.

  • After downloading either the trial or the full version, we can get started. First, we need to install MobileTrans onto our computer:
    • The download comes as a .DMG file for Macs and a .EXE file for Windows.
    • Double click the downloaded file to open.
    • For Mac, a new window will open containing the application and a shortcut to your Applications folder. Drag the Wondershare MobileTrans icon to the Application folder icon to begin transferring the app to your computer.
    • For Windows, the EXE installer file will launch the installer program. Follow the instructions to install the program onto your computer. Once done, the installer will ask if you’d like to launch the program now.
  • Open the application.

    Wondershare MobileTrans App Icon

    • On the Mac, find Wondershare MobileTrans in your Applications folder.
    • On Windows, you’ll find Wondershare MobileTrans in the All Programs list of your start menu.
  • The main screen gives you four options: Phone to Phone transfer, Restore from backups, Back Up Your Phone, and Erase your old phone.
  • In addition to straight phone-to-phone transfers, MobileTrans includes super useful features like phone backups and restores and full phone erasing, but the feature we’re currently interested in is the transfer options, so click on the Phone to Phone transfer option.
  • Plug in the source phone. This will be the phone that already has all of the data you want to move over to your new phone. If the phone shows up on the destination side, click the flip button to move it over to the source side.
  • Wait for MobileTrans to import content onto your computer. You will see a processing indicator next to each content type in the “Select content to copy:” box.
  • Plug in the destination phone. If your destination phone is an Android phone (like the Samsung Galaxy S6), MobileTrans will an app called MobileGo. This app will aid in the transfer of messages to your Android device.
  • Select the types of content you want to transfer using the window in the center.
  • The Destination box has a checkbox below that will, when checked, wipe the destination phone before transfer. This is useful if there is already content on the device that you don’t want.
  • Click Start Copy. A new screen will appear showing the process of the transfer.
  • Once the transfer process is done, click OK. Your data is now moved over!