Our smartphones have become the first, and sometimes only, camera we reach for when taking a photo. So it’s often useful to know how to take a photo quickly. Luckily with the HTC One M9, snapping a pic quickly couldn’t be easier. Check it out:

Lock screen shortcut:

  1. When the screen is off, click the power button to wake the screen and show the lockscreen.
  2. Drag up the camera icon on the bottom right to launch the camera.

Screenshot_2015-04-17-12-10-36Motion Gesture method:

  1. To enable this gesture, tap on Display & Gestures in the Phone section of the Settings app.
  2. Tap on Motion Launch Gestures  under Gestures.
  3. Scroll down and check the box in section 6, “Volume button to launch camera.”
  4. When turned on,  hold your HTC One M9 horizontally when the screen is off and click the volume up button to immediately launch the camera. Tap on the number six in the middle of the screen to view an animation of this gesture in action.


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