The camera on the Galaxy S9 is capable of taking some amazing images through the various modes that it comes with. In this video, I’ll show you how to quickly change camera modes to get the best out of your camera.

Let’s take a look at the different camera modes available on your S9 and S9 Plus. Now, for this video, keep in mind, we are using an S9 Plus. Some of these camera modes are going to be specific to this device only as it does have dual cameras. Some of the modes do require the dual cameras to be present.

Go ahead and open up the camera. By default, it’s going to launch you into Auto. This is going to be the automatic mode. All you have to do is tap on the shutter button, and it’s going to take a picture. Tap anywhere on the screen to focus. It’s going to automatically try and adjust the exposure based upon what it’s trying to focus on. All you have to do is snap a photo from there.

Swipe over to the left, and we have Live Focus. This is an S9 Plus feature only, because it does require both cameras as it’s trying to take our subject here. We tap with the focus, and it’s going to try and blur out the background using the depth information that it’s gaining from that second camera.

Swipe over from the left there, we have Pro Mode. This will allow us to adjust all of the settings on our camera manually down at the bottom of the screen. We have our ISO, we have our shutter speed, we have some different camera profiles. We can adjust our actual focusing, our white balance and even the exposure settings right here on the bottom of the screen.

Swipe over to the left from there, we have Panorama which will allow us to choose any specific point and begin taking a panorama. All we do is tap on the shutter button and then move the camera in either the left or right direction, and try and keep the camera as straight as possible, and it’s going to take a panorama.

We have one more swipe over to the left. It’s going to take us into the Food Mode. What we need to do is drag the circle around wherever the food is on the screen and take a picture. It’s going to try and enhance the colors and the features of that food automatically in this mode.

We do have, all the way over to the right, we have our Super Slow Motion which is going to be the 960 frames a second, 720p video. All we do is tap on the square and try and record anything that ends in that motion in the square.

Swiping over one more time, we have AR Emoji which we can create AR Emoji using the selfie camera. It’s going to tailor these emojis to ourselves. In there is Hyperlapse, which this will take a time lapse. All we have to do is just adjust and focus our camera wherever we want to. Tap the record button and it’s going to start taking the Hyperlapse, or time lapse, mode right here in the camera.

You’ll notice that all of those modes were dealing with the camera. If we want to record video, all we need to do is tap the record button. It’s the left of the shutter button down at the bottom of the screen. It’s going to start recording video in whatever resolution we have it set to.

For any one of these actual camera settings, we have options down below to fill the entire screen, so we have the viewfinder turned on. We can adjust our flash to automatic or off. We can actually choose some basic filters here on the camera modes. Then, if we come back out, we can actually adjust the front facing camera or the rear facing camera on that little button down on the bottom right hand corner.

With the S9 Plus, we have this times two button in the bottom right hand corner, which we’ll go ahead … And if we tap on that and it’s going to switch over to the secondary camera. We can tap the times one and it’s going to adjust to the main primary camera.

There’s also down at the bottom left hand corner, we have this little eye icon. That is our Bixby Vision, so we can go ahead and launch Bixby Vision by tapping there in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. In the settings icon in the bottom left hand corner will be all of our camera settings, which we will have a deep dive into all of the camera settings in a separate video. That is how you access them from any one of those screens.

Any one of these other screens, if we have some settings down below, you’ll notice that some of them, we can actually adjust the blur here on our Live Focus. We can even adjust the viewfinder. In the Pro Mode, we have all of our controls down at the bottom of the screen.

Those are your camera modes on your Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. If you found this video useful, be sure and give it a thumbs up. For more videos like this, be sure to subscribe to StateofTech. We’ll see you in the next one.

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