Have you ever wanted to turn yourself into an emoji? If your answer is yes then look no further than AR Emoji! In this video, I’ll show you how to scan yourself into an emoji and how to send them to all of your friends and family afterward.

Let’s take a look at how to use AR Emoji on our Galaxy S9 and S9 plus. The way that you access this is by launching the camera and swiping over until you see AR Emoji. Now, I currently don’t have one set up. So, what I’m going to need to do is actually create my AR Emoji. And what I’m going to do is tap on create my emoji. And then it’s going to scan my face, and I’m going to have to follow the prompts on the screen.

So, let’s go ahead and do so. So, I’ve got my face scanned in and I can tap on mail and then tap next. And it’s going to create my emoji. Once this is done we can customize it. And it’s going to create 3D masks and emojis using my emojis.

So, here we have one emoji. Looks kind of scary! So, what I can do now is go in and adjust my skin tone, if I feel it doesn’t match the skin tone that I have. So, I’m going to go ahead and use it right there. We can also adjust the face there so we can see there is a default one. Or I can use what it did of my scanned face. So, let’s go ahead and use that.

We can adjust our hairstyles. So here are some hairstyles we can choose from. So, that’s kind of the one that matches more closely with what I currently have my hair as. You see all the different hairstyles that you can choose from. It does have quite a few available.

I’m going to change the hair color at the top of the screen. Just go ahead and swipe through and you can see all the different available hair colors. Now, if I wanted to, I could give myself some glasses. So, there are a few different glasses styles to chose from. But, I don’t have any, so I’ll go ahead and leave it there. And then I can adjust the look of my character. We’ll go ahead and leave him right there.

So, now I’ve created him. I’ll go ahead and tap okay. And now my emoji stickers are available in the gallery, whenever I use the messages app. So, now I can see face right here. And so I’m going to find a face and I can actually replace with my emoji. And then I have some masks that I can use as well.

So, now to actually use my AR Emoji, what I’m going to do is load up a new message. So, I’ll go into messages, you see here, I’ve got a new message created. And what I’m going to do is tap on the new sticker icon. So, tapping on there on I can see my recently used AR emoji but, I can also tap on the emoji down on the bottom of the screen. And it’s going to show me all of the stickers that are available with my AR Emoji that I created.

So, all I have to do is now tap on one. It’s going to automatically paste it into the message. And then I’m going to be able to send this off to whoever I want to. Because it’s going to convert it over to a multi-media message. I can also use this in wide variety of messaging applications. All I have to do is remember to add the sticker in. And then I can send off AR emojis to whoever I would like to on any platform. Whether they’re Android or IOS.

So, that’s how use AR Emoji on your Galaxy S9 and S9 plus. For more videos like this, be sure and subscribe to State of Tech. Give this video a thumbs up, if you found it useful. And we’ll see you in the next one.

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