The Intelligent Scan lock screen combines both the Facial and Iris scanning to give you a more secure way of locking and protecting your data. In this video, I’ll show you how to enable the Intelligent Scan option on your Galaxy S9.

We’re going to take a look at Intelligent Scan on your Galaxy S9, S9 Plus. I’m going to swipe down, go into my settings, and then come into lock screen security. In the middle of the screen, we’re going to see intelligent scan. I’m going to tap on that, and confirm my pattern to get into the actual settings.

Now, what Intelligent Scan does, is it improves the accuracy and security, by using both my iris and face data. If you already haven’t added in your iris and face, you’ll be able to do so, from the screen, but I’ve already added in both of that information, so now, what I can do is choose Intelligent Scan Unlock.

Now, because I currently have my lock screen set to face unlock, you’re going to notice whenever I tap on this, it says, “Intelligent Scan can’t be used at the same time as face unlock.” What this is going to do, is Intelligent Scan will replace my face unlock on the screen by tapping okay.

We can see the screen on Intelligent Scan, and we’ll unlock our phone with Intelligent Scan, as soon as the screen turns on, without even swiping up first. Now, if I unlock my device, I raise it up, we turn the screen on. It automatically starts scanning. I see a little red dot on the top of my device, scanning, letting me know it’s the iris reader. It’s also using the camera to read in my face, so it’s going in really, really fast, and really quickly. It’s a lot more secure than just using one or the other.

To get back in there, just tap in there, either entering your pin, pattern, or password, then we could customize those settings again. I could remove my face and iris data both at the same time, by tapping on that remove, and I can even choose Intelligent Scan to unlock with my Samsung pass.

Up at the top of the screen, we do have a disclaimer, that lets us know about the iris scanning, the face recognition, and even some trouble shooting issues we might run into, if we don’t see that, unlocking our device.

It is really nice. I like the fact that they’re using both of them, together. It does make unlocking a lot faster, a lot more accurate. It is securing my device, by having both of them needed to unlock my device, instead of just choosing one or the other. I find that really useful, and it’s a really secure way of unlocking your device.

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