The Canon 70D lets you set a custom white balance based on the current lighting, and takes only a few moments to set up. Here’s how to do that:

  1. In order for a custom white balance to be set, the Canon 70D requires a reference photo. This reference photo needs to be a frame that is uniformly white.
  2. In the lighting that you wish to set your white balance for (wherever your subject will be, such as under studio lighting or in sunlight), use a white sheet of paper, or preferably, an 18% gray card, and take a uniformly lit photo of it, filling the frame as much as possible.
  3. In the third Camera Adjustments tab, open the Custom White Balance Menu. This menu will automatically display photos on the card that are compatible to use for setting the custom white balance. Scroll through the photos by either swiping left or right on the touch screen, or using the selector wheel.
  4. When your chosen photo is on screen, either click the Set button or tap on SET on screen, then select OK.
  5. Go to the White Balance menu and select Custom to use the white balance settings derived from the reference photo.

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