Smartphones have rapidly become the most used devices for taking pictures in the world, surpassing the use of dedicated cameras and even eclipsing the total number of pictures taken previously. We are now taking more photos per year than we took in the entire 20th century. All those selfies have to go somewhere, right? Let’s look at some options for managing photos and videos on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:

Where to find them:

  • All the photos and videos you take and save on your Galaxy S6 Edge will end up in the Gallery app. You can find the Gallery app in the app tray on the home screen.
  • You can sort and find media a couple different ways in the Gallery app. When in the app, tap on the title with a down-pointing triangle next to it in the top left corner. You should see four selections: Time, Albums, Events, and Categories.
  • Time will show every photo and video organized by the day they were taken or added, Albums will show the albums either manually or automatically created, Events are similar to an album with a customized layout and the ability to share, and Categories shows media sorted by type.

How to manage:

  • Albums are the quickest way to see all your photos and videos quickly. Some albums will be created automatically: images and video downloaded from the web will get its own album, as will screenshots. Photos and videos taken with the camera also get a dedicated folder.
  • Viewing media is a simple as tapping on them, and the view mode gives you a few options such as favorite, share, edit, and delete. You can do even more with a photo by tapping the More button at the top. Here you’ll find options to view more details about the photo, start a slideshow, or set the photo as the wallpaper or a contact photo.
  • Multiple images can be selected by tapping and holding the thumbnail. In the multiple selection mode, you can select photos individually or all at once. Tap the square with a diagonal arrow to get a peek at that photo without losing your selection. Once you have your selection, you can share, delete, or move or copy them to another album.


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