Notifications can often be one of the most annoying aspects of using mobile devices, but there are plenty of ways to wrangle notifications into submission on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Check out how:

Managing Notifications

You will see notifications in two places on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2; in the notification drawer (and an icon in the status bar) that’s accessible by dragging down from the status bar, and on your lock screen. You can, of course, double tap on any notification to take you to whatever app the notification is from, and swiping the notification either to the left or the right will dismiss it both in the notification drawer and from the lock screen.

Some notifications give you additional options as well. For example, after saving media or taking screenshots, you are given the option to share it directly from the notification.

app notificationsChanging Notification Settings

There are a number of ways to change what notifications you get and how you get them.

Each app has at least three settings specific to the notifications it sends: Block Notifications, Set as priority, and Hide content on lock screen. You can access these settings by opening the Settings app and tapping on Sounds and Notifications under the Device section, then App Notifications. Tap on any app to access and change any of these three settings. Block notifications will prevent the app from sending you any notifications, Set as priority pins the notifications from that app to the top of the list of notifications on the lock screen and notification drawer, and Hide content on lock screen will keep the content of the notification (E.g., the text from a text message) from showing up on the notifications at the lock screen.

This last setting can also be set globally for all apps as well. In the Lock screen and security menu from the Personal section of the Settings app, tap on Notifications, then Notifications on lock screen, choose between three options: Show content, Hide content, and Do not shot notifications. The last option will prevent any notifications from appearing on the lock screen.

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