Your HTC One M9 comes bundled with a handful of themes you can switch to, but did you know you can customize each theme and make new themes yourself? Check out how to switch between themes, make new ones, and edit existing themes on your HTC One M9:

Switch ThemesScreenshot_2015-04-16-13-14-26

  • Open the Themes app and browse the themes. Be aware some themes might not be free.
  • Select any theme and tap download if it has not been downloaded
  • Tap Apply, and confirm or deny additional changes the theme wants to make.


Edit Your Theme

There are a number of aspects you can change in your theme to make it unique: in the Themes, app you can select alternate wallpapers, icons, sounds, and fonts, and you can change between accent colors in the Settings app. Download and apply any part you like to edit your theme.

To change your accent color, open the Personalize menu in the Settings app under the Personal section, and tap on Change accent colors to select from the built-in color palates.


Create A New Theme

Your HTC One M9 includes a feature that will create and customize a new theme based on a selected wallpaper. Here’s how to do it:

  • Find and apply a wallpaper you want your theme based on. Check out our article HTC One M9 Homescreen Tips & Tricks on how to change your wallpaper.
  • In the Themes app, press the plus button in the top right.
  • Your wallpaper will be analyzed and a color theme will be created based on it’s colors.
  • Next, select an icon set that you feel most matches the theme (or just the one you like the most)
  • Tap Edit at the bottom to change any part of the theme manually.
  • Tap next and give your theme a name. This will save the theme to the Themes app so that you can go back to it at any time.


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